Prepare to be underwhelmed.

Creating a Timeline

In which I misread some instructions but persevere.

I can definitely appreciate the uses of Timeline — the one frustration I encountered was inserting images in the form of URLs. Probably my own fault, but I had a very hard time finding photos available online that were both available to use freely and available online. I had a few photos of my own I thought I could use, but could not figure out how to link them into my Timeline properly. Alas. I was surprised that I had such a hard time finding images for each slide, becuase Barkerville is a place with (I assumed) 365746485759 billion pictures of it. Apparently digital versions of photos between 1920 and whenever the first digital cameras came out are not a thing.

My chosen topic was Barkerville, because I love Barkerville. I narrowed my topic to the history of the park as an Historic landmark specifically, knowing that there are a lot of threads to follow, otherwise. However, I fully admit I missed the “in 6 slides” instruction, so my Timeline is a bit too long — my apologies.

I struggled for a sad amount of time, and added a plugin and spent forever trying to get it to work (it didn’t), then figured out that my share settings on my Google Doc were locked so once I changed that setting, simply embedding the timeline worked. However, I still cannot for the life of me figure out how to make it wider and easier to read. So. Yeah. Dang.


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  1. Andrea Avatar

    I’m so glad you mentioned the google sheet being locked- I struggled for a long, and sad, time trying to figure it out and was about to reach out to the chat when I saw this! I unlocked my sheet and now it’s finally working. Thanks!

    1. No problem!! I am glad my struggles helped, haha 🙂

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