Prepare to be underwhelmed.

About Me

My name is Tierney and I am currently battling working my way through a Master’s Degree in English. My thesis is focused on the portrayal of monsters as metaphors for depression in young adult fantasy fiction.

I like to dabble in a lot of things so I have a lot of hobbies. I like to mountain bike (which sounds hardcore but I am very, very slow). I have knitted a full row of a dishcloth but have not had time to try a second row. During the winter, when the weather is normal (i.e. isn’t triggering existential dread) I cross country ski. I am pretty ok at gardening but I am too nice to kill the slugs that have it out for my cabbage during the summer. I also enjoy creative writing and have a number of works on the go.

My boyfriend and I have two dogs and two holland lop bunnies. The dogs love to come biking and skiing; the bunnies prefer to stay home, thank you very much.