Prepare to be underwhelmed.

Omeka and Me

I did not conquer. I am in fact taking everything one step at a time and have no idea what I am doing.

I followed the step by step instructions and did not venture outside of that very regulated little window, for my own safety (and the world’s). The instructions in the video varied EVER so slightly from what I saw on my dashboard and it nearly upended everything. Turns out there isn’t a specific “Create New Subdomain” button and I almost panicked. But I checked the Omeka Manual shared in the lesson and figured it out.

As a result, I have not dared to explore the rest of Omeka. One day, my time will come. But it is not this day.

… I’ll probably do it Saturday.

The photos I chose to upload to my Omeka site were carefully deliberated.

Well, not carefully.

Well-well, I actually wanted to share a photo of cats, as requested by Grant Potter, but I don’t have a cat and I didn’t have a way to take recent photos of any cats – all I have are some photos of my mom’s cats I took while visiting family a few months ago … and then I got hung up on whether that was ethical or not. (I am quite sure the cats would not care, but I would want to ask my mom’s permission, and asking her would mean explaining what I was using them for and that promised a very, very long phone conversation). So I decided I would post some photos of my bunnies, because they are KIND of like cats, but they declined to participate in a photo shoot that day and I struggled for a long time trying to get a good couple of photos until I realized I was putting too much thought into it and stressing myself out too much. Meanwhile, I had somehow caught a photo of each of my dogs running towards me in a similar silly looking position so I took it as a sign and uploaded them.

It was a ride.

Flying butts!

Another site that I know uses Omeka is – I am working as a research assistant for one of the UNBC professors behind this site. I chose this site as an example because I am having a lot of fun putting exhibits for horses together, and (slowly) learning the complexities of the process.


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