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ENGL 201 – Tierney Watkinson

Enjoy these photos of flowers I grewed!

I love plants.

  • Course Audit Feedback 2

    In which I awkwardly try to explain my thoughts, part two. Taking this course as audit-only meant that my anxiety about getting a good grade was significantly eased, but it also meant that there was a risk I would feel like I was putting a lot of work in for no reward. HOWEVER, I was…

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    Course Audit Feedback 2
  • Final Project

    In which I make a plan for another Omeka site. Because I am an audit-only student, and am currently in near-panic mode with my thesis (to be fair, panic mode never truly begins nor ends, when you’re in graduate studies), I unfortunately did not have time to do a full-scale Final Project as outlined in…

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    Final Project
  • Inherent Biases in Large Language Model (LLM)

    In which I try to interpret bias and confuse the heck out of myself. Using the Mot Bot intrustion page (, I mucked about with some really basic prompts before i got the hang of it. I actually started with farm animals (“Horses are…” and “Cows are…”, etc.). I was expecting negative connotations for anything…

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    Inherent Biases in Large Language Model (LLM)
  • Storymapping

    In which I try to map a simple subject and find out it is actually complicated and I probably missed a bunch of information. This week, we needed to use Knight Lab’s Storymap — I chose to map the history of the potato because a few years ago, I was shocked to discover the beloved…

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  • Course Audit Feedback

    In which I awkwardly try to explain my thoughts. My course experience so far has been overall very positive — I am finding the readings and videos for each week to be really helpful as well as very interesting. I have been thinking a lot about the role and function of digital humanities, too, which…

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    Course Audit Feedback
  • Creating a Timeline

    In which I misread some instructions but persevere. I can definitely appreciate the uses of Timeline — the one frustration I encountered was inserting images in the form of URLs. Probably my own fault, but I had a very hard time finding photos available online that were both available to use freely and available online.…

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    Creating a Timeline
  • Final Project Proposal

    In which I try to explain a project idea that is hopefully realistic. During a class discussion last year, we were examining YA novels and the topic turned to mental health. A couple of students posited that anxiety and depression are so prevalent now because we spend too much time on our phones, and aren’t…

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    Final Project Proposal
  • Spinning a Yarn With Twine

    In which I write a mediocre game (no shame). I have to admit, I know very little about games, or gaming. I have played video games, but I am really picky and have never really enjoyed the “point and shoot games” and unfortunately, for a very long time I incorrectly assumed that is what most…

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    Spinning a Yarn With Twine
  • Using Microsoft Copilot

    In which I try to communicate effectively with AI.

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    Using Microsoft Copilot
  • Working With OCR

    In which I try to reason with my phone.

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    Working With OCR