Prepare to be underwhelmed.

Course Audit Feedback

In which I awkwardly try to explain my thoughts.

My course experience so far has been overall very positive — I am finding the readings and videos for each week to be really helpful as well as very interesting. I have been thinking a lot about the role and function of digital humanities, too, which is great. I know that digital humanities are going to play a huge part in my future endeavors.

One request I have, so far, is for there to be a prerecorded lecture or “how to” video every week. For the most part, the sites we use for assignments have a manual, but sometimes they skip over steps that probably seem obvious to someone more computer-literate than me. I am primarily self-taught up until taking this class, and being a visual learner I have had a difficult time understanding certain written instructions. As a result, I am finding that I am spending a crazy amount of time researching help tips or videos online for each assignment. A short weekly video that goes over the exact steps, with some troubleshooting tips for problems that a person might encounter, would help me a great deal (to be fair, I have not taken a computer-related course since high school, so the gaps in my knowledge might just be specific to me). I also fully admit that I am the kind of person who would exhaust all other options before daring to ask for help, so. There is that.

That being said, I do really appreciate the hands-on learning; finding ways to apply what I have learned and to work around problems I encounter has helped me understand how the digital world functions. I am just not sure why it takes me so long to figure things out. 🙁

A digital photo of non-digital sunflowers.


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